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What To Expect From Our Professionals

Welcome to Podojil & Associates, Inc.

OSHA & Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Podojil & Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of services designed to assist employers in complying with the myriad of government regulations, including the regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), EPA, DOT and more.

We are a private full service safety, health, environmental and engineer consulting firm with a strong focus on our client's objecetives and needs.  Our "Mission" is to provide a common sense approach to achieving regulatory compliance with all Federal, State, regional and local safety health, environmental and engineering requirements based on leading edge technology.  Podojil & Associates, Inc. services and programs cater to manufacturing, industrial, construction, academic institutions and government agencies (ie., VA Hospitals).

Since 1996, Podojil & Associates, Inc. has established a reputation for providing honesty and integrity to our clients.  We offer OSHA litigation support, on-site project management, expert witness litigation, safety, health environmental regulatory remediation, engineering desgn and training in a variety of specialized educational subjects.



In Loving Memory of my Wife. Linda Podojil
11/17/1945 TO 11/21/2011