"Hi Teacher John. Thank you for teaching me General Industry 501 at CSUDH on 2-11-10. I'm the korean-american who worked at Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport, trained the military self defense, and wrote Letters To Gabriel. God bless you and your family with good health and much happiness all throughout the days of your lives."

Your student,

James Pae

"I really want to thank you for your knowledge and passion teaching all of us this week. I had attended different safety classes throughout my life and I never run into someone like you. Because of your passion and dedication some of us want to learn more and shared with others. I know what you are going truth with your wife’s illness because I already had experience firsthand with my first wife ten year ago, most recently with my brother and father. So God bless you and your family."

Once again, thank you.
Bert Munoz, ALCM, LCS

"Thanks again for a well taught class. I can truly say that this has been the best class I have ever taken by far. I have taken so much away from your class. Thanks again for all your hard work! Jack, thanks again for everything. If there is anything I can ever do for you, let me know! I do not say that lightly. I really mean it. My prayers will be with you and your wife. Let me know if you ever have the time to visit me at work, and I will give you a tour of the LAUSD warehouse.

Take care Jack, and God bless!
P.S. I plan to take the "Forklift - Train The Trainer


Podojil & Associates offers consulting services to assist you in On-site safety and health program development.

These services are performed with the following goals:

  • Providing your company with world class safety and health guidance and program support.
  • Enhancing employee morale and increasing production by helping culture change.  Our consulting services help you evaluate risk and identify potential loss through site surveys and program development.
  • Communication and interaction with the individual management employees involve the safety and health committees or employees exposed to the risk and safety & health environmen
  • Visual observation, videotaping, and measuring to determine efficiency and equipment changes in order to maximize the safety and health at your location.