Retail Food Inspection Services 

Is your store in compliance with FDA, OSHA, EPA and other regulatory agencies? The usual answer that we hear is “I Don’t Know”.

Podojil & Associates Food Safety Service offers retail food stores a unique program to upgrade your stores in the areas of food and retail safety. Podojil & Associates programs will allow your store to establish a simple, cost-effective, preventive program which stresses compliance with ALL government regulatory standards. Our program will show managers that it is in their best interest to keep a store in a safe and clean condition. 

​​Podojil & Associates Food Safety Service is a very unique business. We are the only company in the United States to offer food safety, retail safety, accident prevention investigations, food and safety program development and we have built our reputation with regulatory agencies working directly with Field Inspectors, Agriculture and Markets prosecutors, OSHA, EPA, DOT, DEC pesticide officials, and other regulatory groups. We are proud to say that we have a reputation as a no-nonsense consulting firm committed to establishing low cost risk management control programs in sensitive, food handling environments.

Podojil & Associates has provided food safety and general safety programs to supermarket, retail chain store operations, national fast food chains and other businesses involved in the retail food industry for over 35 years. Our clients have some of the lowest failure and fine rates in the United States.

We realize that in today’s economy funding is hard to come by for new programs. You will be happy to learn that our program costs are competitive with what you already budgeted for you current pest control program. 

​Simulated Regulatory Inspections

Podojil & Associates Food Safety service offers Safety, Health, Food and Sanitation Inspections based on state and federal food safety and sanitation regulations and corporate standards are the cornerstone to our comprehensive service. We pinpoint areas of concern that normally would be cited by State Regulators. This offers Managers the opportunity to make corrections before fines or adverse publicity results. We are adept at motivating Store Managers to keep cleaner stores. We can show Store Managers that it is in their best interest and that of their customers to meet all Regulatory requirements.

We leave simple deficiency reports which include corrective action recommendations with the Store Manager. We point out problems directly and give the reason why the regulation exists. We write the word REPEAT after any item noted which appeared on the previous inspection. We do not hesitate to involve top management if necessary to correct a negligent store. 

​​We perform a comprehensive REGULATORY SIMULATED INSPECTIONS every time we come into the store. Our program is impressive, as our clients have some of the lowest failure rates among chain store operations. Podojil & Associates professionals have been featured on television specials on this subject. 

​​Development, Implementation and Verification of Corporate Food & Safety Standards

​Podojil & Associates can provide clients with ongoing training related to regulations and other Food Safety and OSHA Safety issues. We can do this at company or district meetings or at store level. We keep clients updated as to new regulations and make them aware of current Regulatory concerns.

​Dept. of Agriculture Liaison Function (Regulatory and Media Crisis Consultation)

​Should a problem arise with the Dept. of Agriculture we will act as a liaison between the client and Regulatory Agency to resolve the problem. We often represent clients in court cases as expert consultants and we work directly with Law Firms based in the state capitol and elsewhere. We know almost every Supervising Inspector, most of the Field Inspectors and the Prosecutors which take cases in court. We are also aware of the fine process and have often directly dealt with the Dept. of Agriculture Compliance Officer. Our biggest achievement is the fine reputation we have with the Field Staff of the Dept. of Agriculture.

​FDA Certified Seafood HACCP Food Safety Plans

​Beginning in 1997 the FDA has mandated certified Food Safety Programs for the Seafood Industry. All US and Foreign processors will be required to have a HACCP based food safety program designed and verified by an FDA certified individual. We are set up to do the design work over the internet. Our only on-site work will be a one day or less verification and implementation at your facility. Podojil & Associates professionals have been selected as trainers to help the FDA certify processors to do their own plans. Podojil & Associates also offers on-line training in food and beverage safety. Need more information on our products and services? Please give us a call and we will have one of our professionals work with you. We can be reached at (520) 568-5565 or visit our website at

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