Health Care Audits & Program Development

​Podojil & Associates, Inc. auditors come from the healthcare industry. The focus of our healthcare audits are in those areas where non-compliance is most likely. This includes not only OSHA's top 10 areas, but also those areas specific to the employer's facility.

For example, if the employer has had previous citations from OSHA, those standards should be a focus of the audit to prevent repeat citations. Our Healthcare professionals will also conduct an audit or your first reports of injury, OSHA 300 logs and workers compensation records to look for patterns of injuries related to potential safety infractions.

Finally, our healthcare auditors will review your written program, your employee training records and then we will perform a Mock OSHA walk-through inspection of your facilities looking for potential hazards and safety violations (and of course, promptly bring to your attention these hazards are recommend a way for you to correct what we find).

With the information gathered from these audits and inspections, we will develop your company a specific correction program plan. Our reports give you a picture of the hazard, its location, the regulatory justification and our recommendations on how to improve safety and health compliance.

Podojil & Associates, Inc healthcare professionals will audit your training practices, especially in relationship to BBP and hazard communication. Failure to train citations are low-hanging fruit as just one missed employee can result in a citation. In addition, no matter how much training is provided employees often seem to have amnesia when an OSHA compliance officer asks whether they have been trained in a particular area. Employers can avoid these issues by performing regular "refresher training," informally asking their employees about the training they've received to evaluate whether it has been effective and memorable, developing readily-available resources, and reviewing documentation to ensure the training records exist and are readily available if OSHA visits.

Top 10 OSHA Citations in the Healthcare Industry

Each year the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues hundreds of citations to employers in the healthcare industry. While hospitals, medical centers, physicians' offices and clinics must all comply with a significant number of standards, the standards for which OSHA issued citations within the industry issued remain
relatively constant from year to year.

OSHA identified the following standards as the top cited among these types of healthcare facilities for October 2012 to September 2014: bloodborne pathogens, hazard communication, electrical–wiring methods, respiratory protection and use the proper recordkeeping forms. In hospitals and medical centers, lockout tagout, general criteria in recordkeeping, maintenance of exit routes and asbestos were also among the top standards cited. Rounding out the top cited standards at physicians' offices and clinics are recordkeeping summaries, design and construction of exit routes, medical services and first aid and general requirements for personal protective equipment.

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