osha & legal Litigation Support Services

Podojil & Associates, Inc. team of industry subject matter experts works with either plaintiff and defense attorneys.  Podojil & Associates, Inc. assists law firms, attorneys, insurance companies, and other private companies by reviewing and identifying pertinent information from OSHA, EPA, and other government regulations, records, and other case-related documentation. We help organizations identify the applicable standards of care, evaluate compliance, and review the important issues of the case.

Services Include:

  • Evaluate OSHA Compliance &  Identify applicable OSHA standards
  • Identify responsibility for Multi-Employer Worksites & OSHA's Multi-Employer policy
  • Investigate & evaluate work-related accidents with or without personal injury
  • Investigate product liability and provide subject matter support
  • Recommend measures to prevent future incidents or accidents
  • Research literature such as manufacturers information and drawings to support litigation
  • Assist attorneys to outline pivotal issues of a case
  • Suggest additional records for discovery such as policies or protocols
  • Provide questions  to be asked at depositions
  • Attend Depositions to provide expert support
  • Assist Insurance Companies & Legal Firms with Accident Reconstruction & Analysis

What To Expect From Our Professionals

The practice of providing litigation support requires our professionals act in an ethical manor at all times. Our experts must always maintain and conduct an impartial analysis and provide honest case findings unaffected by whether clients are plaintiff or defense. Podojil & Associates professionals have helped both the plaintiff and also the defendant in bringing cases to a successful conclusion. 

We are always honest in our communication with our clients.  Should the analysis be unfavorable, the client will be informed as soon as possible. While that may limit our contribution to that of consultants, favorable findings may lead to our professionals being retained as experts through deposition, arbitration and court. Contact with the client is essential for a successful completion of our assignment. We believe that this type of verbal or written communication enhances the benefits of our expertise at every stage toward a successful case settlement. 

Prior to our company being retained, we will require the client / attorney outline what is expected of our professionals.  For example, many times attorneys will want to maintain contact by email while others prefer no written communication.  It is important for our professionals to understand their entire assignment from the start.  Podojil & Associates will use a client assignment checklist to ensure we know the client’s expectations.

Many times our professionals receive inquiries from those seeking to determine whether there is any possibility that safety engineering could shed additional light on a case. We are always willing to discuss cases and the capabilities and limitations of our professional services as related to the particular set of circumstances.
We will provide up to one hour of free consultation to discuss your case.  If in our professional opinion we cannot help you in your case, we will tell you why and perhaps advise other avenues.  Do not hesitate to call for your free one hour consultation! 

For more information on our products and services, please give our office a call at (520) 568-5565.