Safety Consulting Services 

​​Our safety consultants are ready to help you with your safety needs in construction, general industry, insurance, and health care. No matter the size of your organization, our safety consultants will deliver the customized, flexible, contemporary safety consulting services you need. Our safety consultants work to protect your employees and contractors, reduce losses and insurance costs, ensure compliance with federal and state worker-safety rules, and protect your hard-earned reputation. Our staff of safety consultants bring extensive professional experience in a broad variety of industries and situations. Our staff size brings resources that smaller safety firms are not able to match. We have a proven history of successful workplace safety accomplishments. 

​Rigorous Reviews To Head Off Problems 

​The best defense against injury and loss is a comprehensive understanding of risks and deficiencies within your operations. Through safety audits of your facilities and observations at construction jobsites, our professional safety consultants will develop a thorough analysis of safety issues, along with recommendations for remediation of problems. We can use the same methodologies and standards employed by OSHA and the insurance industry – or your own safety standards – as the basis for our review. Helping You Comply With Complex Laws 

​Helping You Comply With Complex Laws 

​Our industry expertise and experience at working with federal OSHA and state-level OSHA safety issues will help you meet legal requirements for worker safety. Our safety consultants will audit your facilities and worksites to identify situations that are likely to draw OSHA attention, and serve as your representatives during regulatory inspections. We can also help you develop your own written safety standards, policies, procedures, and training programs based on regulatory requirements.  

Making Insurance Easier And More Affordable ​

​Because we have extensive experience in loss control and working with insurance carriers, we understand what your company needs to do to satisfy insurance companies and lower your costs. Our custom loss-control surveys provide a detailed examination of your loss trends, and audits of both safety programs and facilities allow us to call attention to deficiencies, make recommendations for improvement, and identify opportunities for effective safety training. 

​Detailed Analyses With Useful Results 

​Our professional consultants will use statistical information to help you understand your safety challenges. By performing an analysis of safety-related incidents and ranking them in six major categories and 328 subcategories, we’ll define how losses are occurring, so corrective actions can be taken. We can also conduct safety perception surveys in which employees and managers anonymously share insight on 21 categories to identify areas of concern. 

​​Serving Local Government Employers, Too 

The same services our consultants offer to companies are available to help municipalities, school corporations, and other governmental entities improve worker and patron safety, as well as reduce insurance costs.

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