Safety, Health, Environment and FDA Consultants

Podojil & Associates provides sustainable technical and business solutions that improve operational efficiency, enhance the quality of the work environment and reduce the cost of facility operation. We provide an array of services including OSHA mandates, construction support, facility support, energy management, environmental services, sustainability services, food and sanitation, fire protection and many more safety related services aimed at enhancing facility performance

Owners are aware of the bottom-line benefits that can be achieved through properly managing their loss prevention programs. More efficient operation, reduced worker compensation costs and reduced regulatory risk, improved productivity and public relations benefits all enhance the bottom-line.

Our professional staff of subject matter experts assist clients with the multi-faceted challenges owners and operators face from all regulatory requirements. We assist with meeting current regulations by conducting benchmark audits while planning for future possibilities. Our experience spans a wide range of professional services in the hospitality, resort, casino, industrial, institutional and utility clients providing us the insight to minimize compliance costs and maximize operational flexibility.

Providing Sustainable Solutions

Buildings are not just a collection of individual systems, but complete environments. They are dynamic, with long-lasting and constantly changing lives. Podojil & Associates consists of specialists who study and evaluate building systems and facility operations. We are actively involved in projects for both new and existing structures with sustainability goals. Podojil & Associates has a history of meeting clients’ goals by designing innovative solutions for complex issues.

​Customizing Programs and Processes

Whether we are working on a new construction project, existing building or in a hospitality, resort, casino, correctional institution, construction or industrial setting, our goal is to understand your processes from systems analysis to building operation. We carefully consider not only your project as defined, but your needs and concerns as they relate to all of your clients and constituencies. We provide this service through our discovery process which involves Podojil & Associates team of subject matter experts asking questions and listening to the owner’s answers regarding “business as usual” for their organization. With the information we learned through candid face-to-face joint meetings, Podojil & Associates will propose a customized program. Our program will integrate your current safety, health, environmental, food and fire protection to help you achieve an improvement in your bottom line. For more information on our many products and services, please give our experts a call at (520) 568-5565 or visit our web site: